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Every month millions of renters – quite literally – will up and decide that they will be
moving from the house, apartment, condo or townhouse that they are renting currently
and into another residence. This is a very common issue that takes places nearly daily for
any property management firm or person who manages their own rentals. Seeing as when
the parties that rented the said units moved in they signed a rental agreement that also
specified that they keep the unit in good working order, and in most cases, that they place
a deposit down as a security deposit, in the event that they damage something, a rental
inspection form is a very important document for the manager of such rentals to have on
hand when a renter moves out.

Since there is no way of really knowing what may have been done to the unit while it was
being occupied by the renter, the property manager has to go through and conduct a very
good inspection of the unit. That is where the power of the rental inspection form comes
into play. It easily offers guidance on what to look for and why, and how any occurrences
or violations of the rental terms can negate in a reduced refund of the security deposit, or
in some more severe instances no refund. Or the worst case: the unit is entirely trashed
and the renter must be sued to cover the costs of the damages incurred during tenancy,
which is very rare; so keep that in mind. But the real importance and applications of these
forms are truly priceless in the rental industry, and for a very good number of reasons too.

The Importance of a Rental Inspection Form
Since we are talking about the importance of such forms, allow us to delve into this
matter very briefly so you are better informed. Such forms are really checklists that guide
the inspector around the rental unit to look for certain things. Not always are they looking
for things that the said tenant may have damaged; which they are looking for as well. But
often they are also looking to make notes on things that need to be fixed, prior to the unit
be made rentable again and ready for the next tenant to take occupancy. So the inspector
may find that there is a leaky faucet, a bad shower head that needs fixing, or some mold
growing in the walls. Or that there needs to be fresh paint and new carpets installed to
meet state guidelines. Of course, the inspection will also offer them some perspective as
to if the renter was compliant with the agreement, and if so, what portion of their security
deposit will be tendered back to them.
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